Community Philosophy

As a professional sport, Premiership Rugby believes it has a corporate responsibility to support its local communities and use the power of its brands to address issues which impact its stakeholders and communities. Each of the 12 Premiership clubs (as well as Division One clubs, the second-tier league) have community departments that operate local programmes tackling issues including health and wellbeing, developing life skills, anti-racism and violence, health and safety, social inclusion, education, promoting physical activity, promoting healthy eating, anti-smoking, anti-drugs, and sexual health.

All community marketing programmes conducted by the 12 Aviva Premiership Rugby clubs share three common principles:

Inspiration: All Aviva Premiership Rugby players are involved in their club’s community programmes and are contracted to undertake at least 20 hours of community work a month. Their contribution makes our programmes unique compared to other sports and is the biggest factor in the success of our community outreach.

Education: The messages and content (as well as equipment) that Premiership Rugby clubs provide to teachers and partners are impactful and leave a lasting impression, so the improvements our programmes make at schools, clubs, learning centres and other partner sites will last well after the programmes conclude.

Intervention: Strong Premiership Rugby messages come from the players directly to the kids who are the target audience; this direct interface is more effective than other routes.

Premiership Rugby’s community marketing programme complements professional rugby’s proven partnership model. This has three key elements to success:

Partnership: Programmes carried out by the Aviva Premiership Rugby clubs meet the objectives of the community partner, rugby club and local community initiatives.

Perspiration: Nothing beats good old fashioned hard work!

Performance: A clear set of targets, key performance indicators and metrics have to be in place upfront and a clear process for evaluation agreed at the start.

Premiership Rugby aims to make professional club rugby a ‘partner of excellence’ for community activities, becoming a hub for local stakeholders and developing the most impactful sport-based club community marketing programmes on a local, regional and national scale.