Community Work

As a professional sport, Premiership Rugby believes it has a corporate responsibility to support its local communities and use the power of its brands to address issues which impact its stakeholders and communities. Here are some examples of the work we do.

Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme


This season sees the launch of the exciting new Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme, an initiative that will introduce over 36,000 young people to the sport through tag rugby.

The scheme is run by Premiership Rugby and the 12 Aviva Premiership Rugby clubs up and down the country and is expected to involve 600 primary schools with 1,200 teachers also receiving training. 600 sets of equipment and resources will be distributed and 300,000 spectators are expected to watch demonstration events.

The Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils aged 9 and 10 years. Each Premiership Rugby club will work with two classes at 50 schools.

Case Studies

Every club in Aviva Premiership Rugby operates a community development programme led by qualified, experienced employees. Here are case studies from two clubs.

Saracens Sport for Health

Sport for Health is an eight week programme for schoolchildren (key stage 1 & 2) that aims to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce obesity. Through a series of training programmes for teachers and player visits to schools, pupils are introduced to tag rugby and a curriculum on healthy lifestyle choices.

The results of the programme (which were independently assessed) have so far included

[1] an improvement in the quality and quantity of PE and school sport (100% of teachers thought the training was either excellent or very good; 41% schools increased the number of PE lessons they delivered during the period of the programme)

[2] increased awareness of the benefits of physical activity & healthy eating (21% increase in the number of children that brought fruit and vegetables to school with them; 100% of teachers said the programme increased the awareness of the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating amongst their pupils)

[3] increased levels of physical activity amongst children (100% of teachers said  activity levels amongst children increased; a case study found over 2,000 hours of physical activity completed by 90 year 4 pupils over a 3 week period).

Read more about the programme here.

Newcastle Falcons Tackle Learning

Over the past three years this outreach programme has visited 75 schools, having contact with over 4500 children in Tyne and Wear. Schools receive an assembly, 8 hours of educational lessons, 6 hours of tag rugby coaching, visits from 2 Falcons players and entry into tag rugby tournaments at local grounds along with Kingston Park.

The educational lessons use sport to get children excited about learning. For example, one module discusses the different ways points can be scored in Rugby Union and Rugby League and how these contrast with other sports’ ways of scoring. In the process, children’s arithmetic and memory skills are tested–children are asked to explain how different combinations tries, conversions, drop kicks and penalty kicks can add up to a given number of points.

An independent assessor at one session noted: “One pupil was being very assertive to insist that a classmate had included less trys than conversions in their calculation and reminded everyone that a conversion can only follow a try. This was telling in a few ways–his understanding of the rules, his ability to question the perceived truth, his ability to rationalise information, his mental agility and his bravery to go out on a limb. All these are useful employability skills.”

The Newcastle Falcons Community Foundation, which operates the programme, can be found here.